We do strategic design

Focus on people. Passion for details

  • Prosumerlab was born in 2007 with the mission to help companies and organizations better manage their knowledge, both internally and externally. Our approach evolved from innovation, storytelling and anthropology, and we wanted to work with online and audiovisual tools. As time went by, we’ve also incorporated notions from open innovation and design thiking, and we’ve broaded the focus of our projects, becoming a strategi design consultancy firm.
  • We currently work on four main fields: market research, service design, communication and training. What hasn’t changed over time is our way of working and, above all, our values. Commitment to clients, pleasure in things well done and the certainty that we are better if we surround ourselves with a wide network of partners are some of our main features.
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Clasificar los proyectos que hacemos no siempre es un ejercicio fácil, pero solemos categorizar nuestros servicios en cuatro grandes campos: investigación de mercados, diseño de servicios, comunicación y formación.

  • research

    Investigación de mercados

  • service

    Diseño de servicios

  • comunicacion


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